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Field Archery

  • Field Archery is, contrary to what you would expect given its name, a sport carried out in woodland or forest. The Bryn Yorkin Manor Estate offers in its woodland the opportunity to pursue this sport under the guidance of expert coaches. Field Archery involves shooting at targets placed at various distances around the woodland course. Groups of archers (usually 4) negotiate the course and shoot arrows at each of the targets. The targets are usually placed at distances that range from twenty feet to eighty yards. The targets are spread around the woodland course at safe intervals. The archers shoot their arrows from shooting positions that are marked by pegs in the ground.

    We currently offer targets like paper roundels or dimensional images of animals. We are planning to upgrade the course to life size 3-dimensional foam models of animals in the next season.

    For further information or booking a round please contact us.


    Here at Bryn Yorkin we are always looking to extend our range of activities. If you would like to discuss a proposal for the use of estate land please contact us.

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